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[Continuing from the TFLN that started with SOS. It's like a mistletoe minefield here.]

She should never have listened to Jubilee. 'Come on, Rogue, it'll be fun,' she'd said. 'We'll get dressed up and party the night away.' Much as she loved her eccentric friend, she felt like wringing her adorably eccentric neck for the way she'd been abandoned for the first hunky guy who crossed their path.

Looking back at the string of texts to Remy, she couldn't believe she'd actually sent them. It had been a desperate cry for help, that was for certain - he was one of the few at the mansion who would care and manage to stage a rescue without bloodshed, unlike Logan or Piotr. The whole thing was so silly though; she was an X-Man and a strong, independent woman who shouldn't need a guy to save her, but that was exactly what she needed. Backed into a corner behind a table covered in holiday treats and a bowl filled with more rum than punch, it was the only place devoid of mistletoe and city officials with wandering hands that could get them both into trouble.

Because she'd also listened to Jubilee's wardrobe advice for this disastrous holiday party. The sleeveless evergreen dress had a much lower cut than she usually preferred, and the long white gloves still left a stretch of skin bared along her upper arm. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but people were beginning to stumble all over each other, and the last thing she wanted was to have another drunken idiot stuck in her head.

So she waited. And hoped that she wasn't making a huge mistake.
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