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It's getting pretty serious, cop to it or not. You want to snag this person for your new best gal/guy, but you're in an old-fashioned world. Or you've got an old-fashioned mind stuck in a modern world. Or it's possible you just like the classics.

Whatever the case, it's time to pull out the stops, bust out the flowers, and take your honey dancing. Or something.

  • Top level.
  • The characters who reply are going steady.
  • Yes, it's old school. Embrace it.

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kept A P A R T

In Japan, Vega is sometimes called Tanabata (or Orihime), a celestial princess or goddess. She falls in love with a mortal, Kengyu (or Hikoboshi), represented by the star Altair. But when Tanabata’s father finds out, he is enraged and forbids her to see this mere mortal. Thus the two lovers are placed in the sky, where they are separated by the Celestial River, known to us as Milky Way. Yet the sky gods are kind. Each year, on the 7th night of the 7th moon, a bridge of magpies forms across the Celestial River, and the two lovers are reunited. Sometimes Kengyu’s annual trip across the Celestial River is treacherous, though, and he doesn’t make it. In that case, Tanabata’s tears form raindrops that fall over Japan.

  • Your character is in love. How joyous! But there's a catch; there's always a catch.
  • The two characters in each thread can only meet once in a certain designated amount of time. Is it every month? Every year? Every seven years? Every millennia?
  • When they do get to meet - what happens? No matter what, it has to be bittersweet.
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It's cozy, warm and very, very narrow; you're stuck sleeping in a single bed with someone else and have to endure/enjoy the situation until morning. Snuggle-time?

single-bed partnerships

• COMMENT WITH CHARACTER/SERIES IN THE HEADER (add prefs in comments as needed)

01) FRIENDS you know the other person well.
02) LOVERS is this really such a bad place to 'sleep' together?
03) ENEMIES try not to stab each other in the night.
04) STRANGERS super awkward or getting along like a house on fire.
05) AUTHORITY one of you has a higher/lower social status for some reason.

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Who in the world could hate kindness? Sweetness? Conscientiousness? All of us, on some level, like to be pampered and taken care of, from the most churlish to the most pleasant. Yes, even those grouchy grumps, or, of course, the cool-headed psychos -

Okay, maybe not all of us to the same degree.

Regardless of your disposition, somehow, you've gained a doting significant other. It seems like they find their greatest pleasure in taking care of and looking out for you. This may manifest in them simply trying to keep you entertained, happy, and healthy; it could also come in the form of them being a domestic doter, taking care of all your needs. Be it the former or the latter, there's an inherent adorableness that comes with their efforts and generosity, and in return, you have an urge to protect and care for them. They're just too precious for this world! Only, you know, there's a good chance you can a. ignore this, because you're emotionally stunted and full of wo/manpain, or b. repress it because you're a badass and would never.

Unless you've completely disregarded all that because they're just too much and you want to hold them forever.

So, how do you feel about all this? Do you wish they'd stop with this foolishness (not really)? Are you pushing them away? Are you embarrassed? Maybe you're absolutely taken with them! Just realize that you have it incredibly good.

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the i n s o m n i a meme

It happens to everyone - sometimes, you have nights where you just can't fall asleep, no matter what you do. It could be for a number of reasons, or no reason at all. And this is what's happened now: you've been laying in bed for what feels like hours, just tossing and turning, and nothing seems to help. So what's left to do? Get out of bed and go wake someone else up, of course. If you're not getting any sleep, then why should they?

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