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A different universe. It kept Rogue up at night, thinking of all it represented. A fresh start, she’d been assured, a chance for her to have a life unravaged by war. But it wasn't really a fresh start for her, not when everyone she had ever known was different in countless ways and had no idea what she’d been through. She was stuck here, left to remember everything that had happened and somehow find a way to cope and move on.

She had ended up at the mansion purely because she had nowhere else to go. Xavier's had been her home before it had become her prison, and there were few places for a mutant as 'dangerous' as her to safely live, not when she had never fully mastered control over her powers. And the staff had welcomed her. She'd explained what she could, and then she had begged the telepaths not to look into her mind, as much as they were able to keep from doing so anyway. She didn't want these people to see what had been done to her, what she had been made to do, or the horrible minds that now shared space with her own. And she didn't talk about it, just pretended that she was okay, that it was nothing to resume a normal life in a world that wasn't war-torn and as broken as she was. That seeing the students roaming the halls didn't remind her of all the children who had died on her watch, that it didn't kill her inside to spend her days surrounded by people who didn’t know her, just this universe’s version of her.

Before long, she had started to break from it all. Every night she’d roamed the mansion halls, checking on the secret passages, making sure windows were secure, remembering what had been changed when those monsters had taken her home away from them. And she was so angry and in so much pain. Her emotional state was starting to echo Logan's and Erik's, and she didn't hold to any illusion that the others would ignore it forever. But she had decided to let it go as long as possible.

She should have known that there would be a plan. A project to help her, give her a purpose again and a chance to get away from this place that was familiar but haunting. So three weeks into the new universe, she was presented with an opportunity – to help oversee the founding of a new school for mutants. Find the best location, oversee the construction and design, gather a staff… It would take time, but time was all she had now. And she would have a chance to literally build a new life for herself.

Only she couldn’t do it alone. It was a monumental task ahead of her and she didn’t know quite where to start.


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