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She couldn't catch a break. That was the thought running through Rogue's mind as she waited in the rain at the meeting point, across the street from a random restaurant in a not quite seedy but not rich part of the city she'd dropped into and been trying to make a life in before things had gone south. She'd been on the planet for all of two months before she'd somehow managed to catch the eye of the wrong person. The type of person to run a genetic scan and take a keen interest in the anomalies found - an Earth human, a tersie, but different. Unique.

Rare. That had been the word the dealer had used when he'd been trying to restrain and drug her. She'd fetch a pretty penny on the black market, where certain noble houses went to find additions to their collections.

Rogue hadn't meant to kill him, but she almost had. The bastard hadn't wanted to let go, so she'd turned on her power and held on until she'd been able to pry his fingers away. It had been long enough to leave him in a coma, and if she was lucky he wouldn't wake up until she was on the other side of the universe.

Absorbing him had given her one hell of a headache, but it had also given her enough information to follow the channels to hire someone to help her. Rogue wasn't a helpless little girl anymore, but she was out of her element when it came to space and navigating beyond the planets she knew, so a bodyguard to get her from point A to point B was necessary. It had taken a lot of greased palms, but she'd finally gotten a message into the right hands and now here she was. Waiting. Hoping this would work and she could just find somewhere to live her life and not have people constantly trying to put her in a cell or a lab.

Was that really so much to ask?


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