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Being back in the 1940’s was… difficult, to say the least. Rogue tried her best to fit in and not draw too much attention to herself, but sometimes she opened her mouth and the exact wrong thing came out and got her into trouble – that wrong thing usually being one insult or another to a chauvinistic pig who thought he was the universe’s gift to womankind. She just couldn’t stand that, and it clearly didn’t matter who the guy was, she’d just lay into him, consequences be damned.

Which was why she was on her third job in as many months since getting her new identity set up. She just kept ending up working for assholes who treated their female employees like second-class citizens. It was appalling, and every time it happened she found herself missing the future fiercely. Sure, things may not have been perfect then, but it had certainly been better than this.

And most of the women just accepted it, not realizing that they could stand up for themselves, or just being too scared to try. There were a few exceptions to the rule, though, little sparks of hope that Rogue found herself drawn to. One of those exceptions was sitting at a table along the back wall of the restaurant, or whatever they called this type of place in this era, right where she’d said she’d be. Peggy Carter had been an intriguing mystery since she’d first laid eyes on her, when the other woman had stepped in to help deal with a mugger who had picked the wrong southern belle to rob. Rogue hadn't exactly needed the help, but the gesture had been very much appreciated and so she'd insisted upon repaying the good deed with dinner, or at the very least a cup of coffee. It had taken a lot of persuading, but now here they were.

Smoothing out the skirt of her green dress with hands that were blissfully bare thanks to her newfound (if tentative) control in this era, she stepped through the door and headed toward her dining companion.


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