Jan. 29th, 2017

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It had been one year almost to the day since she'd arrived in this universe that wasn't her own. Well, it was hers, she supposed, just not the one she'd always known, and not one where she necessarily belonged. When the timeline had reset, the war had been erased from history and lives changed beyond imagine. Some people had been born who had never existed, and some who had been born were now...

Perhaps that's why she had come into the new world as she had. While the others in that mountain temple had simply woken up in new bodies with no memory of their previous lives, she had no body to go into. There had been no Marie born in this alternate universe, no Rogue had joined the X-Men and fought for mutant rights. So here she was, in the scarred body she'd had in her original timeline, full of memories of all the atrocities humanity had committed against itself. She'd tried to step back into her old life with the X-Men, sharing with Charles more of what had happened in her world so he and the others might be more aware of the dangerous possibilities ahead, but in the end it had just been too painful to stay in the mansion. Once it had been her home, but those monsters had turned it into a prison and she would never be able to escape those memories.

It was when she'd spoken with Charles of her decision to leave that he had offered her an opportunity that she hadn't been able to refuse -- the chance to help establish a new school for mutants on the west coast. For years now, the mutant population had been growing exponentially, and there was a great need for another school to accommodate all the children who needed safety and training. The foundations were already being laid for the building, all she would have to do was supervise the construction and security plans. As the months had passed and the project progressed, though, she found herself more involved than just that, adding her own design touches and recruiting teachers and other staff for when the school opened. They were less than a year out now from receiving their first cohort of students, and she was surprised to find that she was genuinely excited about it.

She'd missed feeling that way. About anything.
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