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Sharing a Bed Meme

It's cozy, warm and very, very narrow; you're stuck sleeping in a single bed with someone else and have to endure/enjoy the situation until morning. Snuggle-time?

single-bed partnerships

• COMMENT WITH CHARACTER/SERIES IN THE HEADER (add prefs in comments as needed)

01) FRIENDS you know the other person well.
02) LOVERS is this really such a bad place to 'sleep' together?
03) ENEMIES try not to stab each other in the night.
04) STRANGERS super awkward or getting along like a house on fire.
05) AUTHORITY one of you has a higher/lower social status for some reason.

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An altverse take on a valkyrie | No 3 today and F/F for shennanigins

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A sleepy stretch, her eyes still closed and her mind still firmly in the realms of dreams. One hand drifts against the scabbarded sword leaning against the bed before she twist around and instinctively curls into the warmth next to her. Where her hands land are a matter of connivence and comfort, hers of course.
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4 - I like houses on fire

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Lagertha had learned through enough nights out raiding that sometimes you had to share space with people you didn't know, or didn't know well. The warm arm wrapped around her was given a soft hum; the shieldmaiden lost in dreams of another time where the farm was prosperous and the future held nothing but opportunities of victory and glory.

The movement and involuntary recognition lifted her from them and she cracked open one eye, let it focus, rubbed her face and looked groggily over her shoulder. That wasn't the body she remembers falling asleep with last night, but, outside of a slight widening, woken expression, she didn't really have a problem with it.
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4 you says....

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Lagertha would get pulled a bit closer as Aithne roused herself very slowly to some state of consciousness. Blue eyes crack under her mane of black as she returned the look, if maybe a bit less wide eyed.

Though she didn't remember taking one to bed. That was...troublesome.

But she wouldn't complain about her companion at first blush. A smile that was honest and warm crossed her lips.

"Good morn."

A pleased look as her hand tangled in the blonde mess of hair. Loki's work likely, but she wouldn't argue at the moment at the results.
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There was no helping the smirk that curled her lips at the lazy, sleep possessive pull - this one obviously wasn't aggressive.

"Good Mo-" She snorted softly at the ruffle of her hair and batted Aithne's hand away as she dropped her head heavily back down. "Don't give me extra work," she said, not really wanting to spend extra time combing out new tangles. "Don't feel the need to rush away either," she continued conversationally, not eager to crawl out and meet the day just yet. She needed more then 30 seconds to do that without laying hand to her axe.
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"And who said it would be your work?" Her tone light as the hand settled on the human's hip instead. The smile widened a bit.

"This is my bed and I have no plans to vacate it, so rest your weary head." A small pause and a shift. "Unless you have better things to do."

So Loki wasn't the only one that was a bit mischievous in the Hall, but she didn't have his intent in her.

"Speaking of which, how did you find yourself here?"
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"Who else will comb and braid it?"

Even as Queen, even as Earl, Lagertha only let her servants help her braid the more complicated styles. She'd long learned to manage the blonde mass of silk. Her brow furrowed a little as she sifted through the morning fog of her head for what she did last remember.

"Raiding in Paris.." She scooted and shifted onto her back, laying her head to the side, obscuring half her face behind the mess of hair as she got a better look at her companion. "Where is 'here'?"
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So I'm just winging it

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"If you are lucky, maybe me." As she sat up a bit. The words said matter of factly even as she studied Lagertha closely. "Or maybe another."

Here. That was her question. Aithne straightened in her pose, no concern for the immodest display as she surveyed her room. Furs covering her to her hip and a bit of a pause as she contemplated such a simple question.

"And if I told you Asgard?"

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Considering who we've got here, this is perfect.

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The crease in her brow got deeper and she propped herself up on her elbows. Yeah. She was awake now.

"I would ask who's hall." And what happened to Ragnar. Had she died on their longboat? Had Bjron and Ragnar survived the failed siege that had pitted them against Rollo? "And who's bed I've got the honor of laying in."

Immodesty was well and good; Aithne had nothing Lagertha hadn't seen before and nudity wasn't scorned. Granted, the thin half sheer sleeping gown she was in didn't cover much but the furs were still high enough to keep her warm.
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Well, that is an excellent point

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"The All Father's Hall of course." She nodded her chin just a bit when using the title. Though that smile did not diminish. Certainly the mortal in her bed would have many questions and she all the time on Midgard.

"You are in the bed of Aithne Mac an t-Sealgair, ranked in her Flight." A lift of her chin as she said her title and full name with a bit of pride. "And apparently you've managed to find yourself buried in my furs."

Again, not that she would complain about that a bit. And her tone was full of mirth.
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"Valhalla," she said, suddenly a little breathless as it struck her, prompting her to sit up the rest of the way so she could push off one shoulder of the sleeveless down and inspect the top part of her chest and shoulder on that side.

Mirth would be better appreciated later.

Lagertha wasn't ignorant in the ways of the Gods or the stories that had been passed down, or created in their time. She knew Thor and Odin still walked amoung them; knew that Jormungand, son of Loki, encirled the world and kept the seas at bay. She'd prayed and sacrificed to Freyr and Freja; she knew what was going on.

She just couldn't believe it.

"You're a Valkyrie.... and I'm dead." Just... give her a few minutes on that one.
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The smile faded a bit with her bedmate's reaction and she dipped her head as the other woman inspected herself. A curious gesture considering her own ease.

"Aye, though I am not the one that fetched you." Slightly apologetic in her tone, that look disappeared as she looked up. "I think I would recall that."

Internally though she simmered at the callous action of the one that did. They did deserve better, even if they were flawed. She sighed and shifted back a bit, giving the woman space but wishing to remain close.

"I know it is not easy to hear, it never is."
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Lagertha shook her head, one hand raking back her hair so she wasn't hidden behind a veil of it.

"I died in battle for something I believed in next to my family," she said, lips quirking softly. "There is no more honorable way for a viking to go."

It would take some getting used to but honestly, Lagertha was happy. If Ragnar wasn't there, one day he would be and Bjorn would follow them both. She looked over at Aithne and laid back down with a flop that put her hair mostly on the other side.

"I would not have gotten here any other way." While this was an odd way to enter Valhalla, it was still pleasant.
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"It is fitting." A slight nod of her head as she studied the mortal as the thoughts rolled through her mind. "You must have been quiet worthy." She leaned back slightly and curled her legs next to her, keeping them buried in the furs.

"As far as how you found yourself in my bed..." Her lips curled into that smile again. ".. somethings about what you know of Asgard and the Hall are true, especially of the feasts and revels. Perhaps we both had a bit more than we should have."

Though she would not look worse for wear form the experience. Thank Odin for that.
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She laughed softly. "If that is the case, I am saddened to not remember such fun. And what is 'too much' for a feast in Odin's hall?"

Lagertha looked up at the ceiling, lips still canted. "I tried to be." Worthy of this place, that was. "And I look forward to seeing the home of the Gods. I'm not displeased with my lot."
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>< 2nd time i did that

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"Perhaps not recalling how one ended up in my bed might qualify." Her tone was scolding but her expression was not. In fact she was trying not to laugh with her.

"That is all any of us can do, and they are...capricious at times." A slight nod. "But I find it not a bad existence, even if we have to contend with the pigeons."
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"The Francs are harder then pigeons," she boasted. Pigeons she could handle, even if it was a Franc that put her down. "And I quite think landing in your bed to be a reason to revel with such joy every night."

When you have the chance to flirt with a Valkyrie, you don't pass it up.
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She grinned at the flattery and shifted a bit closer. "Such a wicked tongue you have."

A tuck of a long lock of hair over her hair as she shook her head. "Pigeons are what some of us call those that the Francs follow. Our wars are your wars, and vice a verse. They are like us but call themselves angels."

A bit of a sniff as she shook her head. "They are rather full of themselves."
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Lagertha rolled onto her side, bringing them closer and propping her head up in her hand with a cocky smirk. Perhaps Aithne had been half right; ending up in her bed, specifically with no memory of the fun that led there, was 'too much', else the woman would know how true that statement was. The smirk spoke for itself.

"Athlestan's God.. They attack Asgard?" It was spoken with disbelief because of course Odin and his forces would prevail.
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The shift of her bedmate and that smirk on her face caused the Valkyrie to laugh softly, even with the discussion. One hand tested over Lagertha's fur covered calf as the other woman shifted a bit as she spoke. It was truly amaxing how she managed to keep her self semi covered as she did.

A nod. "There are others, and many long forgotten. But it seems not to be their God, but the ones they call Angels."

She paused, considering her words for one so new. A thoughtful look crossed her face and that hand slid up before it joined its mate as she explained further.

"Sometimes your wars are reflections of the wars and battles that we wage. This can alter the balances." A flick of her eyes into Lagertha's, watching her closely. "And other times it flows the other way."

A cruel contest in her opinion, but she had no say in the matter either.

"They have not tried, and I do not think that is their goal. After all they keep one of their own in his own place and allow him power to test their God's followers."

Kind of like a certain God she knows.
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Lagertha's knee shifted up the bed a little under that drifting hand and there was no objection to it; this was not the first nor the last strange bed that she would manage into and Aithne wasn't the first woman she'd laid next to. She had practice keeping herself properly under furs.

Her blonde eyebrows pinched a little as she rolled all of that into her knowledge.

"I was not sure if his god was real. Are these the battles that Valhalla's warriors go into? Do we fight even here, for the survival of our way?"

They had been so badly beaten in Paris and not all wars were won; was that reflected up here in Asgard as well?
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"Most are. Some have more influence than others." Her hand returned to the casual perch. This time she did not tease, as she nodded initially to the query.

"Aye, you will, though never alone." Things worked a bit differently than before. "We do what we must for our way."

The smile became wistful for a moment. "We will survive though."
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"One cannot kill what's already dead," she rationalizes, lips curling faintly as the crease in her eyebrows smooth out.

"And I was never alone. Even in my darkest time, I still felt Freja with me, and Frey blessing my lands. I don't fear the worst."

But to more pleasant things.

"And since the worst is not calling on it's horns for us.. Will you leave me to wander Asgard for breakfast aimlessly or does your company extend outside of your bed?"
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The first bit she would nod. Some of it would be more clear with more experience in her new role, but she was not incorrect for the most part.

Again that light laugh, and run of that hand up Lagertha's leg to her hand, pulling her up. "Only for some."

If the mortal chose to follow her, oh wait she had her had, she'd lead her to the small closet offset from the room. It was a modest collection of various dresses, skirts, armour and shirts...ranking over a century of style, though some might be a bit long for the blonde. "Help yourself while I ready."

With that she turned to the begin the process of braiding her hair.

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There was no resistance in Lagertha being led out of bed or the easy smile that lit her face at Aithne's continued laughter and she followed behind. Her mouth dropped open a little at the array of clothes and she padded further in to finger the fabrics reverently.

"This is quite a collection," she said, glancing over her shoulder at the woman. "There are some beautiful colors."

In the end, Lagertha ended up dressing in darker colors, layering the tunic over a pair of breeches and showing no real attention to what the Valkyrie may or may not see as she undressed and dressed.
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"Sometimes status does have its advantages." She finished her braiding and tossed the long tail back over her neck before pulling up the more greek styled cingulum over her hips.

A simple tunic after, after all there shouldn't be any fights that would require more in the journey she was panning to take the mortal.

Her sword belt and boots, and she stood. "Come M'lady, let us pillage the kitchen of your new home." Left hand resting on the pommel of the sword on her left hip and her right extended.

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Lagertha loosely braided her own hair, blue eyes drifting along with the woman's movements as she dressed. The weapon was, for a moment, a surprise - Surely they didn't expect trouble so deeply in Odin's halls, but this place being what it was meant it shouldn't be any surprise whatsoever.

The offered hand was glanced at with a soft smirk and the shieldmaiden set her hand into her grasp.

"I am hungry enough to eat a boar and I have much to see. I am eager to see this place."

Who wouldn't be, with such a culture devoted to the Gods.
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The momentary surprise on Lagertha's face received an arched brow. "Now would you think a Valkyrie be without her weapon in any given moment?"

Aithne would let the other woman think on that as she continued her tour. Leading lightly with that right hand she continued to speak. "Well then you are in the right hall, there is boar and harts, suckling pigs and pheasants." A look over her shoulder. "Though we'll have the best bits in a moment."

She moved them at a moderately brisk pace, pointing out a entrance of interest here and there, pausing at this statue to let the mortal take in the work of the dwarves, occasionally commenting about this or that.

"But the Hall is not the end all be all. Asgard is more than a castle."

And with that they spilled into the kitchen, which was already bustling at this hour. Several of those labouring about the flames and stoves nodded to the Valkyrie as she manuevered them to the back. A small alcove next to an even smaller window with a make shift table.

"A drink for my guest and myself!" A call, that sounded harsh but counter to her expression.
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Lagthera's lips curled but she didn't answer immediately. It would be rude to point out that the Hall was filled with weapons. Between the torches and the irons in the fires; the axes or the shields that were hung on the walls, still possibly stained with their last kill.

The tour was absorbed with attentive nods, any passing questions she might have being broached and dealt with on the way. She was engaged but quiet. Attentive. The faces were warm and full of cheer and it helped build a very comfortable, comforting atmosphere.

"I'm curious to see what kind of land lays between the Halls," she admitted as they stepped into the kitchen and she out of someone's way with a practiced grace that suggested she knew a thing or two about moving around a crowded room.

Lagertha slid into her seat and crossed her legs, leaning against the wall to better see both her company, and the kitchen workers.

"And to see how they farm in this world. Or if they farm at all. The battle field too - If I'm going to be charging up it."
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Lagertha would be correct in her thoughts..though Aithne would be as well. Being driven to the point of resorting to those options would speak volumes for one of her position.

"It is much like Midgard in many way. We eat, we sleep, and we.." A chuckle as she settled properly in her seat. Interrupted by one of the cooks.

"Why one of the harpies demanding her feeding. What will I do with you?"

"Oh you do wound me, Aiyath. And I even have a new arrival" A tilt of her head to indicate Lagertha. Her smile widens at the woman's words though. "A bit of something to break our fast, you know I shall bring you something for the the larder."

Turning to her companion.

"That is an option if you wish. As you can see this is not much different from what you have known."

And one reason why she brought her to one of her favorite places to be. Not all that found themselves in the Hall were warriors. And warriors could not exist upon their own.

A flagon set on the table. 'For your wait and your breakfast, do don't drink it all at one go.'

"Is that what you wish? To tend the fields?" Pouring her a cup before her own.
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The shieldmaiden arched a knowing eyebrow over a smirk at the interrupted sentence, focusing on the cook with a grin at the banter.

"It seems to be very much what I am used to," she said with a confident nod. It was good to see the help and good to see the comradary between the protectors and the caretakers. It spoke to the goodness of the place and the people.

Lagertha took her poured cup and smiled. "Not all of what I wish but farming is a good life. Are there raids in Valhalla? Are there riches to be won and fame to be made? Or have all that gotten here already done that?"
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A nod. "For the most part it is like that. Though just as any other land there are sometimes conflicts and scheming."

At least that has been quieted further due to the the circumstances with the relations of the other Pantheons.

The Valkyrie smiled a bit and leaned back gracefully balancing her cup in her fingers. "Oh there are always some disagreement amongst the other Realms, and now this other threat. Though the riches are mainly won on the back of your achievement as eel as the fame."

A laugh as she narrowed her eyes and teased Lagertha. "Do not worry, I think you will find your place to be won."

Of course it was more complicated than that, thug there is now food. Aiyath returned with a tray being slid between the two. A dark loaf of bread and meat in a thick gravy in a bowl.

Something to put some meat on your bones Aithne.

To the cook a chuckle. "Then I'd have to get my armor redone. Are you in league with him? Some game to make some coin at my expense as well as getting something for your larder?"

A pause and she winked. "Thank you."

She reached out and tore bit off of one side of the bread and offered it to Lagertha. "Enjoy, you'll be helping me with his bribe later."
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Alice Abernathy | Resident Evil | OTA

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