Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Rogue could never have imagined this was how her life would turn out. She was supposed to have had a happy life after the Sentinel War - they'd reset the timeline, she was supposed to forget her years of government-sanctioned torture and have a chance to live again. Instead, that damn portal had picked her up and deposited her on a random planet that was apparently incredibly far away from Earth, and the locals had dropped her in a jail cell until they could decide what to do with her. (She was fairly certain the decision would have been swift death if her powers had been active, but as far as she could tell, the portal had knocked them out at least temporarily - a good thing, as she'd lost her gloves.)

Once the locals had figured out she wasn't going to rain terror and destruction down on them, they'd let her out of the cell at least, though she'd still been watched like a hawk. They'd tried to give her new clothes, but considering how... revealing their clothing was, she'd chosen to suffer through the heat and the memories the grey jumpsuit brought on rather than risk her powers acting up and hurting someone.

It had been sheer luck that the Enterprise had happened to stop by and caught wind of a woman falling from the sky. From what she'd been told, it wasn't the first time they'd encountered someone from another time, and while they were still a bit wary of her, she'd been offered a ride back to Earth. Eventually.

She'd been taken straight to medical to be looked over by the one the captain had affectionately referred to as "Bones", a man by the name of Leonard McCoy with a southern accent that reminded her of home. There was no fondness in her for doctors or biological scientists of any sort these days, but McCoy had set her at ease right away, calming her nerves over being in the medbay by regaling her with stories of his days studying at Ole Miss.

That must have been where it started, that growing fondness for the grumpy chief medical officer who could rant for days about all the reasons he hated space travel. She enjoyed it when he was grumpy, finding the same amusement that she had always found in Logan's sour moods, and she genuinely enjoyed spending time with him. He made her forget all the terrible things in her life and... he gave her hope for the future that was still so unclear. Because while he knew so many things about her -- her mutation, that she'd survived horrible circumstances during the war, that she'd lost her husband four years earlier -- he didn't press her for information that she wasn't ready to share. He'd seen the scars on her back but hadn't demanded the story of their creation. He made her feel safe and accepted.

So she'd started spending more of her time around him, in between learning more about this universe and time that were foreign to her and practicing with some of the security personnel to get back into shape. The latter was why she'd ended up in the medbay that morning, having fallen during a sparring match with a particularly large crew member and hurt her left wrist. She was sitting on one of the beds as a nurse scanned the injury, sleeve pulled up far enough to reveal the tattooed M4867 on her skin, and half dreaded when her favorite doctor would arrive and the scolding that was sure to follow.
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