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Taking the Chance [For Damon]

[ The smallest chance at the perfect life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you. Those words had stayed with her through everything, a proclamation that wrapped around her heart like a blanket and kept her strong through the long days and hard times. There had been a lot of those after Jo and Alaric's wedding, when she'd doubled up on courses and done everything possible to graduate college early. It hadn't been easy, but it'd been necessary - Stefan hadn't been wrong about them needing to get away for Damon's safety.

Leaving behind her friends hasn't been easy, the found family who meant the world to her. But with Jeremy and Ric no longer in Mystic Falls, and everyone else beginning new lives or finally picking up the pieces of their old ones, there really wouldn't be a better time. And medical school was the perfect excuse to take off and cut her ties with the town.

It's still hard to believe that things have fallen into place so... perfectly. She'd been accepted to her first choice of schools and Damon had taken care of finding them a place to live. It had come together so quickly, she was almost sure he'd planned it in advance, and when they pull up in front of a building that had a bar on the ground level-- ]

I can't believe you remembered this. [ That 'game' they'd played before she'd taken the cure, when he'd asked where she would be in five years. It isn't Tribeca, but it just might be better. ]
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Kiss me? ( he suggests, ignoring the fact that the question was clearly rhetorical. it's an almost perfunctory response, given as he frowns down at their bags. he could have carried all of these, when he was a vampire. it wouldn't have even been the slightest challenge. another thing he misses: super strength.

there's no time to get frustrated. elena steps into view and his attention returns to her immediately, his hands going from the straps of their bags to her waist. when he'd first returned to mystic falls, the idea of anyone calling him perfect would have made him laugh. he'd have turned it into a joke about his body, how hot he was, how superficially charming, to cover up for the fact that he's never even felt good enough, let alone perfect. no one's said that before, certainly never meant it, but elena does. she has this habit of saying things that sneak up on him, things that he'd never really thought about or realized he needed to hear until she's already said them.

it's a joke, and he can go along with the joke, but he's going to hold onto this feeling and hope he makes her feel half as settled in her own skin as she makes him feel in his.

You caught me. I've got this brunette at home, she's a knockout. ( he pauses, dips his head to rest his forehead against hers — ) Don't know where I'd be without her.
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( he might have to find out. stefan made that very clear, as if damon hadn't considered the possibility himself — he doesn't think they'll ever become unhappy with each other, they've been through too much together for that, but the world has never been particularly kind to either of them. no matter their intentions, no matter how much they love each other, accidents happen all the time. people get sick, people get in cars drunk, people do terrible things to one another all the time, no supernatural influence required. one day damon may not recover from a cold he catches, one day elena may be hit by a car on her way to the hospital — even if they were back in mystic falls with caroline, vampire blood wouldn't help them anymore.

these things have occurred to damon. he has thought about them often, since he took the cure. it'd be easy to let them paralyze him, to let them make him mean. he gets mean when he's afraid, he knows this about himself. causing pain is easier than feeling it, and if he wanted to now, it'd be easy.

but he didn't take the cure for an easy life, or for a guarantee. he knew this might not end well when he chose it. he meant what he said — the smallest chance of a mortal life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you. no matter what life put them through, what it put him through — he'll never regret his choice. life might be cruel, he might one day have to find out what it's like to live as a human without elena, but these years with her, the smile on her face as she looks up at him?

he wouldn't trade that for anything.

she wants a tour. he kisses her forehead, ducks his head so he can nudge their noses together in an eskimo kiss, and then lets her go, smiling as he reaches for their bags — only as many as he can humanly carry. there's a couple left over for elena to grab.

Do you want to see the bar or the apartment first?