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[ It occurs to Elena sometimes that the things she says might be among those that mean the most to Damon. Even knowing what she does of his life, the hardships he'd endured and all the scars they'd left behind, all the consideration she's given in recent years to helping him through some of those issues, it still hits her sometimes. How a simple turn of phrase can be something so astronomically important not because of the meaning she puts behind it, but rather the value that he places on it.

All of that searching and contemplation has taken place as part of her desire to support him the way he does her. He'd become human again to be with her, to have a chance at a life together, and now he'd moved across the country be with her while she pursued a dream that would take years to achieve and a huge commitment from them both. Sure, she'd be the one going through classes, labs, internships, and residencies, but he would be the one waiting for her at the end of each day, dealing with how tired she was and stressed. The past few semesters had certainly proven that he could be there through it all for her, but with all this time still stretching before them until she had anything resembling a normal work-life balance... She'd never be able to put into words how much all he's doing meant to her. ]

And you won't have to find out.

[ She's not going anywhere, not for a very long time if she has anything to say about it. They have a whole life ahead of them, and she doesn't want to regret a single second of it. Leaning up the few inches she needs to reach him, she presses her lips to her in a brief kiss, a physical reassurance of her promise to him. It only lasts a second, then she's pulling back again to smile brightly up at him. ]

Will you show me our new home?

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