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Kiss me? ( he suggests, ignoring the fact that the question was clearly rhetorical. it's an almost perfunctory response, given as he frowns down at their bags. he could have carried all of these, when he was a vampire. it wouldn't have even been the slightest challenge. another thing he misses: super strength.

there's no time to get frustrated. elena steps into view and his attention returns to her immediately, his hands going from the straps of their bags to her waist. when he'd first returned to mystic falls, the idea of anyone calling him perfect would have made him laugh. he'd have turned it into a joke about his body, how hot he was, how superficially charming, to cover up for the fact that he's never even felt good enough, let alone perfect. no one's said that before, certainly never meant it, but elena does. she has this habit of saying things that sneak up on him, things that he'd never really thought about or realized he needed to hear until she's already said them.

it's a joke, and he can go along with the joke, but he's going to hold onto this feeling and hope he makes her feel half as settled in her own skin as she makes him feel in his.

You caught me. I've got this brunette at home, she's a knockout. ( he pauses, dips his head to rest his forehead against hers — ) Don't know where I'd be without her.

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