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Elena Gilbert ([personal profile] otrazhenie) wrote in [community profile] fateandfortune2017-06-28 01:03 am

Taking the Chance [For Damon]

[ The smallest chance at the perfect life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you. Those words had stayed with her through everything, a proclamation that wrapped around her heart like a blanket and kept her strong through the long days and hard times. There had been a lot of those after Jo and Alaric's wedding, when she'd doubled up on courses and done everything possible to graduate college early. It hadn't been easy, but it'd been necessary - Stefan hadn't been wrong about them needing to get away for Damon's safety.

Leaving behind her friends hasn't been easy, the found family who meant the world to her. But with Jeremy and Ric no longer in Mystic Falls, and everyone else beginning new lives or finally picking up the pieces of their old ones, there really wouldn't be a better time. And medical school was the perfect excuse to take off and cut her ties with the town.

It's still hard to believe that things have fallen into place so... perfectly. She'd been accepted to her first choice of schools and Damon had taken care of finding them a place to live. It had come together so quickly, she was almost sure he'd planned it in advance, and when they pull up in front of a building that had a bar on the ground level-- ]

I can't believe you remembered this. [ That 'game' they'd played before she'd taken the cure, when he'd asked where she would be in five years. It isn't Tribeca, but it just might be better. ]

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