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Finding a new way. [For Phil Coulson]

Keep your head down. Blend in. Don't draw attention. Don't let anyone find out what you are. Those are the tenants she'd lived by in the weeks since being dropped into this universe, and she did her best to follow her own damn advice. But try as she might, accidents happen, they always do.

There were little incidents here and there, brushes of bare skin with people on the street, a nudge from a coworker at the bar. The brief touches left people disoriented and nothing more. But when a drunk customer grabbed her, expecting more than she would ever be willing to give? There was no easy way to explain why the man ended up unconscious.

So she ran. There was no point in staying in NYC, it was too crowded and there were too many memories of a world that didn't exist anymore. She made her way to the train station and picked a destination at random - somewhere cold, to help explain all the layers. Somewhere quiet, so maybe she could find her way again.

Somewhere that could possibly feel like home one day? Doubtful.
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The unconscious man was the tip-off, but it's surprising what people remember when you start asking them about the woman who worked with them for weeks on end, who suddenly vanishes after such an incident. All signs pointed to someone who not only had powers, but knew about them, and was trying to keep it a secret.

By all accounts, the woman didn't seem to be a threat, so long as he stayed out of touching distance, so Phil was able to justify going off on his own to track her down. She was a runner, and he felt she only posed a risk if she felt she were cornered - which she'd certainly feel if 6 people showed up who knew she had powers.

Following her trail, Phil found himself on a train to Rhode Island. He thought he was beginning to understand how her mind worked, if not her power. Go somewhere cold, where lots of clothes covering your skin wouldn't stand out as unusual; all interactions indicated that her power was not just touch-based, but had to be skin-to-skin contact.

The town he ended up in was about as far away from the bustling city of New York as possible. He was surprised it even had a train station, although it was mostly used as a stop between one destination and another, where passengers could get out for some fresh air and a cigarette break. Words like "sleepy hamlet" and "village" came to mind as he walked through town, toward the cheaper of the two motels it boasted. No place in America was completely isolated anymore, but this place came close.

He went for charm instead of official at the front desk, and easily learned the young woman's room number, and that yes, she'd returned a little while ago to her room for the night. Phil kindly thanked the clerk, and made his way to the room indicated.

He knocked politely, then waited, in full view of the door's peephole. He'd forgone both his jacket and tie, not wanting to look too 'official' and scare her off. The one bad thing about no backup was that it meant he didn't have anyone stationed outside her window. He wondered if she would have chosen a first-floor room for an easy getaway anyway, if there had been other floors to choose from.