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If Things Had Been Different... [For Elijah]

After her parents died, Elena Gilbert's life changed.

That was the easiest point to trace it back to, the place where she could say it had all started. Where she had changed from an innocent teenager to someone who knew what true pain felt like. But at least she'd had Jeremy. And Jenna. And eventually John had come back into her life and secrets had been revealed... So many secrets. Perhaps not enough though, and not revealed the way they should have been. Her birth turned out to be the least startling in the end, despite it being so shocking in the moment, but at least she'd understood then why John had come back into her life.

Learning of the existence of vampires had changed her life even further, and in no ways for the better. Strange things happened sometimes in Mystic Falls, but she'd never felt unsafe in the town where she'd grown up. It was heartbreaking to learn that she was a danger to everyone she cared about, that for some reason a group of vampires wanted her and the only way she could keep her loved ones safe was to leave.

College had been the perfect excuse. As much as she'd dreamed of going to the same college as Caroline and Bonnie, of sharing a dorm room and having those normal college experiences with her best friends, she couldn't put them at risk. If someone found her... She believed John when he told her that if vampires wanted her, they would have no problem going through her family and friends. If it had only been her own life at stake, she would have stayed and fought, stood her ground and tried to find some way around all of this -- but she couldn't risk the lives of others like that.

It was in her sophomore year that the animal attacks started around campus. Elena had been told about what to watch for, and the four dead bodies screamed vampires. She'd claimed family emergency and left, finishing the last weeks of classes on her own thanks to the kindness of her professors, and then she'd transferred to a school on the other side of the country. There was no way for her to know if those attacks were anything more than coincidence, but she didn't take chances.

Med school went by without any major incidents, miraculously. She completed her internship at a small hospital in the middle of nowhere, and was matched to a residency program also in the middle of nowhere. Staying away from bigger cities felt safer, with fewer people who might recognize her. Whether that worked she would never really know, because during her third year another series of attacked happened, and again she ran. It took a great deal of time and effort to find another program that would take her, but eventually one did and she was able to complete her training as a general surgeon.

Working in the ER wasn't the life she would have wanted, exactly, but it was the easiest thing to get when she might need to leave at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately there was usually quite a bit of turnover in the area, and as much as she hated to think that she would eventually just add to that problem, it was her only choice. The safest choice, the one that would let her at least try to live her life as much as she could.

The downfall of moving around so much and constantly being steadily focused on her career? An aching loneliness. As often as she spoke with her family, on the phone or via Skype, it just wasn't the same when she couldn't have one of Jeremy's solid hugs or lean her head on Jenna's shoulder. Going home for major events like weddings helped, but it wasn't enough, and three months into her new job saw nothing change except for a higher tally of Really Bad First Dates. But at least she was trying... Right?
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There was a timeline to follow when it came to Petrova Doppelgangers, and Elijah had been looking for the next one. His reasons were simple of course, given he'd been seeking a means to lure his brother out of hiding. She was elusive, which proved annoying to a degree, but people had a harder time actually getting lost these days.

So while she was far away from Mystic Falls, the first place he'd tracker her too, it was a simple matter to locate her with a few conversations with her aunt. Which had led him to the city.

And he'd been watching her for days before he accidentally bumped into her in her normal coffee shop on one of her few days off from the hospital.
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"No, I think you missed me." He checked his sleeve before glancing at her hand. "And I bumped into you, so it was my fault entirely." Elijah offered her his handkerchief to wipe her jeans.

"I can buy you a fresh cup if you lost too much."
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"Maybe next time then." Elijah at least smiles briefly before picking up his own cup and turning back to her.

"Keep the handkerchief, I have plenty more where that one came from."
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Elijah's gaze dropped to her hand for a moment before returning to her face. "They come in handy for moments like this."
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"I find the classics never really go out of style." His lips quirk into a smile briefly.

"We should stop blocking the counter though, if you want to continue this conversation."
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"Would you like a pastry as well? I'll buy since I did make you spill your coffee and you can find us a table." Elijah glanced towards the doors.

"I'm Elijah, by the way."
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He hears it but doesn't respond until they're settled at the table and he's sliding a pastry across the table.

"It's nice to meet you too, Elena."
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"I was born in Europe, but my family moved just about every year." Elijah sipped his coffee.

"And once I was on my own, I followed the same routine, more or less." Close enough to the truth. "What about you?"
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"I've been through Virginia a time or two myself. There's a lot of history there." Elijah takes a bite of his own pastry before sipping his coffee.

"Your career?"
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"Well that does make it easier to find work wherever you end up." Elijah set his cup down, glancing across the table.
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"I'm on a sabbatical from work myself." It was a reasonable enough excuse for him traveling.

"Have you considered trying Doctors without Borders if you like traveling?"
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"That does make sense, yes. It's always better to know your own limits." Elijah finished his coffee, sliding the cup aside as he watched her. She reminded him f Katerina a little but decidedly more independent than Katerina had been when they'd first met.

"So you've always wanted to work as an ER surgeon?"
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"And there's nothing wrong with that." Elijah lifted his cup to his lips as he shifted in his chair, gaze still focused on Elena.

"What kind of things did you write?"