internalizing: (pic#9387953)
Elijah Mikaelson ([personal profile] internalizing) wrote in [community profile] fateandfortune 2017-05-29 08:57 pm (UTC)

There was a timeline to follow when it came to Petrova Doppelgangers, and Elijah had been looking for the next one. His reasons were simple of course, given he'd been seeking a means to lure his brother out of hiding. She was elusive, which proved annoying to a degree, but people had a harder time actually getting lost these days.

So while she was far away from Mystic Falls, the first place he'd tracker her too, it was a simple matter to locate her with a few conversations with her aunt. Which had led him to the city.

And he'd been watching her for days before he accidentally bumped into her in her normal coffee shop on one of her few days off from the hospital.

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