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[ The smallest chance at the perfect life with you is infinitely better than an immortal one without you. Those words had stayed with her through everything, a proclamation that wrapped around her heart like a blanket and kept her strong through the long days and hard times. There had been a lot of those after Jo and Alaric's wedding, when she'd doubled up on courses and done everything possible to graduate college early. It hadn't been easy, but it'd been necessary - Stefan hadn't been wrong about them needing to get away for Damon's safety.

Leaving behind her friends hasn't been easy, the found family who meant the world to her. But with Jeremy and Ric no longer in Mystic Falls, and everyone else beginning new lives or finally picking up the pieces of their old ones, there really wouldn't be a better time. And medical school was the perfect excuse to take off and cut her ties with the town.

It's still hard to believe that things have fallen into place so... perfectly. She'd been accepted to her first choice of schools and Damon had taken care of finding them a place to live. It had come together so quickly, she was almost sure he'd planned it in advance, and when they pull up in front of a building that had a bar on the ground level-- ]

I can't believe you remembered this. [ That 'game' they'd played before she'd taken the cure, when he'd asked where she would be in five years. It isn't Tribeca, but it just might be better. ]
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[ Eight months in this world and she's still trying to adjust. Still trying to come to terms with the fact that she's all alone here, that when she helped save her world and stop an apocalyptic war from ever starting, she didn't get the reprieve of starting over the way everyone else had. No, she'd been picked up and dropped into this world that is like her own but so completely different. No mutants, no X-Men, no one who remembers the war that haunts her every moment of every day.

SHIELD picked her up shortly after her arrival, the portal not exactly unnoticeable to people who knew what to look for. They offered her help, a job, and she'd taken them up on one but not the other. She was still being watched by the organization, by a specific set of folks there, and she wasn't entirely sure how to feel about that -- but the help they'd given her was appreciated nonetheless. (Not that she didn't wonder if they might want something later in return for that help.)

A made-up history and the credentials to back it up were the most useful part of the package. With them, she was able to find a job, rent an apartment, start a life... But there was help she needed that they couldn't give her. That fake history included a brief military career so she could have access to VA services - fighting in a war that didn't exist here didn't exactly get her through the door. But with that record she could walk through the door and take a seat among others who had been through similar experiences, who are still haunted by their memories. The only difference is that she has to be vague in any responses she gives, as few and far between as they are, but still. Even listening helps her to feel like she's not so alone, if only for a little while. ]
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Keep your head down. Blend in. Don't draw attention. Don't let anyone find out what you are. Those are the tenants she'd lived by in the weeks since being dropped into this universe, and she did her best to follow her own damn advice. But try as she might, accidents happen, they always do.

There were little incidents here and there, brushes of bare skin with people on the street, a nudge from a coworker at the bar. The brief touches left people disoriented and nothing more. But when a drunk customer grabbed her, expecting more than she would ever be willing to give? There was no easy way to explain why the man ended up unconscious.

So she ran. There was no point in staying in NYC, it was too crowded and there were too many memories of a world that didn't exist anymore. She made her way to the train station and picked a destination at random - somewhere cold, to help explain all the layers. Somewhere quiet, so maybe she could find her way again.

Somewhere that could possibly feel like home one day? Doubtful.
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After her parents died, Elena Gilbert's life changed.

That was the easiest point to trace it back to, the place where she could say it had all started. Where she had changed from an innocent teenager to someone who knew what true pain felt like. But at least she'd had Jeremy. And Jenna. And eventually John had come back into her life and secrets had been revealed... So many secrets. Perhaps not enough though, and not revealed the way they should have been. Her birth turned out to be the least startling in the end, despite it being so shocking in the moment, but at least she'd understood then why John had come back into her life.

Learning of the existence of vampires had changed her life even further, and in no ways for the better. Strange things happened sometimes in Mystic Falls, but she'd never felt unsafe in the town where she'd grown up. It was heartbreaking to learn that she was a danger to everyone she cared about, that for some reason a group of vampires wanted her and the only way she could keep her loved ones safe was to leave.

College had been the perfect excuse. As much as she'd dreamed of going to the same college as Caroline and Bonnie, of sharing a dorm room and having those normal college experiences with her best friends, she couldn't put them at risk. If someone found her... She believed John when he told her that if vampires wanted her, they would have no problem going through her family and friends. If it had only been her own life at stake, she would have stayed and fought, stood her ground and tried to find some way around all of this -- but she couldn't risk the lives of others like that.

It was in her sophomore year that the animal attacks started around campus. Elena had been told about what to watch for, and the four dead bodies screamed vampires. She'd claimed family emergency and left, finishing the last weeks of classes on her own thanks to the kindness of her professors, and then she'd transferred to a school on the other side of the country. There was no way for her to know if those attacks were anything more than coincidence, but she didn't take chances.

Med school went by without any major incidents, miraculously. She completed her internship at a small hospital in the middle of nowhere, and was matched to a residency program also in the middle of nowhere. Staying away from bigger cities felt safer, with fewer people who might recognize her. Whether that worked she would never really know, because during her third year another series of attacked happened, and again she ran. It took a great deal of time and effort to find another program that would take her, but eventually one did and she was able to complete her training as a general surgeon.

Working in the ER wasn't the life she would have wanted, exactly, but it was the easiest thing to get when she might need to leave at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately there was usually quite a bit of turnover in the area, and as much as she hated to think that she would eventually just add to that problem, it was her only choice. The safest choice, the one that would let her at least try to live her life as much as she could.

The downfall of moving around so much and constantly being steadily focused on her career? An aching loneliness. As often as she spoke with her family, on the phone or via Skype, it just wasn't the same when she couldn't have one of Jeremy's solid hugs or lean her head on Jenna's shoulder. Going home for major events like weddings helped, but it wasn't enough, and three months into her new job saw nothing change except for a higher tally of Really Bad First Dates. But at least she was trying... Right?
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